Working in marketing for more than 20 years, I have successfully launched many advertising campaigns for small and large businesses. Great experience allows us to create a unique strategy for a particular company, taking into account the budget, capabilities and specifics of the sphere. As a result, clients have a unique experience of an integrated approach to advertising. Combining both existing marketing tools on the market, as well as modern business automation tools and possibly creating their own digital solutions and customized strategies.

The combined knowledge of videoproduction and working with the audience of social platforms allowed us to solve both narrow and complex tasks, including the omni-channel approach to promoting products, services and services.

Expert in advertising and business process automation, web development, author and speaker.
The founder of an advertising agency:
Participation in events
Speaker at exhibitions and private professional events, including a seminar at the Moscow Region Export Support Center (promotion and advertising of goods and services in foreign markets), a seminar at the INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Creator of authorial blogs on YouTube, Yandex.Zen and TikTok. Author of publications and training materials.
Clients and partners
Since 2000, development of web-projects, creation and support of advertising campaigns as an independent expert and business adviser (including consultations of RBC Soft's project team). Since 2007 assistance to clients together with my own advertising agency, allowed me to extend my services to include omni-channel approach and implement outsourced video-production.
Facts of my life
2000, I graduated with honors from the Borisoglebsk Technical School of Informatics and Computer Science (BITVT).

I developed the project "Borisoglebsk Information and Entertainment Website (BIRS)". Developed web-sites for city businessmen.

2004, together with my partner I created an interactive map and directory of the city. The project involved the use of geolocation services, and his licenses were later successfully sold to corporate clients.

Creation of the website "Business Borisoglebsk" - an informational advertising portal of the city. The first digital map of Borisoglebsk was created on the basis of the project.

The same year the company opened its own advertising agency.

2005, founder of Bortelecom LLC, a startup in the field of IP-telephony.

2006, graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics.

2007 - Collaboration with "Stek Telecom" (data centers, founder of Rambler). met Sergey Lysakov and Dmitry Krukov (Chief Architect of Rambler) there.

In the same year I continued to develop the advertising direction, promotion of sites, assistance in business development in the Internet space. Among other things, he collaborates with the Artus Internet Agency, and develops projects for Docke and Tekhnonikol.

In 2008, I collaborated with RBC-Soft and Armada, and took part in developing the websites of the Bank of Moscow and Sberbank. He was involved in advertising and promoting the Children's Web Portal of Moscow (supported by the Moscow City Government).

2009, founder of his own advertising agency Birs.

2016, cooperation with "ADIDAS", including the creation of digital approaches to employee search for the company's stores across Russia. Participation in recruiting volunteers to work in the stadiums at the "World Cup 2018".

2017, Made an advertising campaign for an internal startup "Rostelecom" (satellite internet for Siberia and the Far East of Russia).

2019, Creation of a new website for the Export Support Center of the Moscow region, participation in events, spoke at seminars of the Center as a speaker.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
I provide private consultations (business adviser, independent marketing director), and will be happy to help in the implementation of complex advertising campaigns and the development of websites and web projects with the advertising agency " Birs"
Development of an advertising strategy, the presence of your business in the network. Audit of advertising campaigns and marketing activities. Audit of the site in view of sales, marketing presentation of the product or services.
Business development in the digital environment, automation of business processes, implementation, CRM systems, end-to-end analytics and other digital tools.
By arrangement, it is possible to participate in your event. Always only useful and practical topics that listeners will be able to apply immediately after the presentation.
Implementation and support of comprehensive advertising campaigns, website or web site development. Services for content creation, video production.
All services
Internet Marketing
Creating a strategy for brand presence in the digital environment
Developing an advertising strategy
SEO Search engine optimization websites
PPC Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising
Brand promotion in social networks, media
Video Marketing
Website concept development
Management of a team of website developers and Web resources
Implementation of CRM-systems and business intelligence systems
Design and engineering of websites, portals, mobile applications*
Video Production for Social Networks and TV*
*Configuring and maintaining advertising in all popular advertising systems.*
Copywriting and translation into world languages*
*These services are provided under corporate contracts with the advertising agency " Birs". Other additional services are possible in case of individual cooperation (private consultations).
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